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Bishop Pastor Jim Pendleton


As the fall has begun, so the thoughts of the up coming holiday season becomes our prime thought. The special smells and bite of the crisp cold air remind us that the season of thanksgiving has begun. Most of our time is starting to be consumed with shopping, planning, and deciding who we will spend the holidays with.

Sometimes we meet with persons who tell us that they cannot find peace with God. When we have endeavored to cheer such people, I think we may have been filming over a wound which needs a sharp knife rather than a soft bandage, a sharp scalpel rather than a healing balm. They need to be under the Holy Spirit coviction before they can rightly claim that they are saved. Many who profess to be Christians are in a questionable condition: they have no joy of their faith and no success in their prayers. They have been told to believe in the Lord Jesus, but they misunderstand the command, and, while they think they are obeying it, they are really unbelievers; so they miss the way of peace. They try to pray, but their petitions are not answered, and their supplications have no comfort at all, for their faith nor their prayer is accepted of the Lord. Such persons are described by James in the third verse of the chapter 4 - "Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss." They assure us that they believe in Jesus, but we see none of the fruits of faith in them, they never experience any spiritual benefit from the faith which they profess. We need to realize that the peace and thanksgiving of the world is often very superficial and shallow.

The practical James does not waste time in discussing the doubtful question, but speaks to them from both sides of their apparent condition. In his previous chapters he calls them "my brethren," and even "my beloved brethren," and he later addresses them as "sinners," whose hands must be cleansed, and as "double-minded" persons, whose hearts must be purified. They were both these: they were professing brethren, but they were at heart unchaste to Christ; they indulged in grievous sins of contention and malice, and their hearts were divided between the love of sin and the hope of salvation. This, "My brethren, such things ought not to be." On the other hand, we will use no condemning statement, but leave the question between God and each man’s own conscience. We will go to the root of the matter, the reason for the lack of peace and salvation of which some complain. This is a matter too important to be left undecided. No Jesus, no peace, know Jesus, know peace. The answer to finding peace is found in surrender of your life to Jesus and your will to God’s way.

Have a blessed and joy filled holiday season of peace.

Bishop James R. Pendleton, Sr.



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